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Legal Notice

The Firm BALAGUER-MORERA & ASOCIADOS* is the owner of the present website.


The present page has, as its main purpose, to inform and make known the services offered by the Firm as a legal services provider. The navigation by the USERS implies that they accept, without restrictions that:

i) They will use the present webpage loyally and in good faith.

ii) They will not take actions which are illegal or contrary to the law, good faith or customs and commercial practices, avoiding at all times the creation, or the possibility of creating directly, or indirectly, damages to the Firm owner of the webpage or any third party.

iii) They will not take any action that infringes or could infringe the intellectual property rights of the owner of the Firm or third parties.

BALAGUER-MORERA & ASOCIADOS reserves the right to modify totally or partially the content of this webpage without the obligation to make any previous communication furthermore, it reserves the exclusive right to suspend, temporarily or indefinitely and provisionally or definitely the access and/or functioning of the webpage as well as those links and connections to other webpages.

The texts and/or legal documents or doctrine that is contained or that could be contained in the present webpage are merely for informative purposes and, in case of a discrepancy, regarding the first the version published in the relative Official State Gazette shall take precedence and, regarding the second, whichsoever doctrine is more well-founded.


The content and elements that make up this website (text, images, videos and audio, design, database, etc…) and the trademarks and logos are protected by intellectual property- rights owned by the Firm BALAGUER-MORERA & ASOCIADOS and/or the corresponding authors.

The USERS of the present webpage will not be able to take any action that infringes intellectual property rights and, thus, the reproduction, copying, modification, dissemination or communication by whatever means, present or future of the contents or elements thereof that are a part of the webpage this without disregard to the possibility of the USERS to visualize or print those, which are exclusively for private use and so long as they mention the author with the symbol © (copyright).


The Firm BALAGUER-MORERA & ASOCIADOS as responsible of the present webpage and in conformity with Spanish Data Protection Law (Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal) L.O. 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre has implemented policies, means and mechanisms to guarantee and protect privacy, confidentiality and security of the, possible, personal data that the USERS may provide in the use of certain areas of the webpage.

The only personal data to which the responsible for the file will have access to are those which have been provided voluntarily in order to be part of the usual and regular selection processes of personnel and professionals of the Firm and which will need the voluntary filling out of a form as well as, if applicable, the sending of a “Curriculum Vitae”.

The information provided will be treated with absolute confidentiality. The responsible of the files, as well as those that intervene at any phase in the treatment of data will be required to observer professional secrecy and adopt those levels of protection and technical and organizational means necessary to guarantee the security of the data provided, avoiding, in as much as possible, non-authorized access, illicit modifications, extractions and/or the loss of these.

The data provided by USERS will be integrated into a file which will be the property and responsibility of the Firm BALAGUER-MORERA & ASOCIADOS. The introduction and registration of data on behalf of USERS entails their acceptance and express authorization to the Firm for their data to be recorded, incorporated in the relevant file and treated, as well as its conservation for those times periods foreseen bylaw.

The registration of the data will entail the voluntary acceptance by the USER that said information may, during the course of the data handling, be segmented and categorized with the purpose of applying them to the selection process. In no case will the USER who provides his data during said processes will have the right to access or reserve a job or professional posting in the Firm.

Notwithstanding the above, we hereby inform the USER that:

i) Technical means are by no means infallible or impregnable, motives by which, the responsible of the file will not be held liable for said practices nor of its consequences.

ii) The USERS will be the sole responsible of the accuracy and authenticity of the data that they provide. The Firm will not be held liable for damages that may occur to third parties owing to the inaccuracy or untruthfulness of the data.

In any case, the USER will have the rights foreseen in applicable legislation of accessing, rectifying, cancelling or of opposition.

Should a USER wish to exercise one of the rights he should address BALAGUER-MORERA & ASOCIADOS:

i) By e-mail to:; or

ii) By post to the registered office of BM&A Asesores Legales, S.L.: Avenida Pau Casals 22, 1º, 08021, Barcelona.

The warnings regarding personal data that are included regarding the webpage will apply to all those clients of the Firm whose personal data is mentioned in the present webpage.


Links to other web pages

The inclusion of a link to the present website from another website must comply with the following conditions:

i) The link may only link to the homepage (; at no time may there exist a link to secondary page or to specific content.

ii) The page of origin will not be able to use any text or image of the present website for the hyperlink

iii) The creation of a link does not imply any relationship between the owner of the website of origin and that of the Firm, nor does it imply consent or authorization by BALAGUER-MORERA & ASOCIADOS. The firm will not be responsible for the content or services offered in the webpage that originated the hyperlink.

Links to other web sites

The following web page has different links to different web sites in order to facilitate or complete information for the USERS. The use of links and the visualization and navigation to other web sites is, in any case, voluntary for the USERS. The Firm is not responsible for the content, services or functioning of the links contained in the present website and it hereby accepts no responsibility for the possible damages that the visualization of the links could entail. In all of the previously mentioned cases the links from or to other pages will not imply that the Firm pays a sum or fee for these.

En todos los casos anteriormente descritos el enlace desde o hacia otras páginas no supondrá en ningún supuesto que por parte de The Firm se abone canon o precio alguno por el mismo.

* The Firm is known in commerce under the name BM&A Asesores Legales, S.L., a company duly registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona with CIF: B-66009317