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Message from the Managing Partner of the Firm

"BM&A is constantly looking for talent and is always willing to collaborate with students who are about to finish their studies or that have already finished them. If you are in either of these cases the personal growth and professional development project of BM&A will no doubt be of interest to you.
BM&A has a special and particular interest in attracting talent and, owing to this, pays special attention to seeking out new professionals who share the values and have the necessary background to join the project.
The need for quality and excellence in the practice of Law and in the offer of professional services to clients, requires professionals who are involved, integrated  and committed to the Firm and the profession and perfectly prepared in both theoretic and, especially, in practice.
Only when those conditions are met as well as the human quality of the professional will it be possible to broach any situation, however difficult it may appear, that clients present to the professional who will then be able to offer the best possible solution. This is the BM&A  experience and it is that global experience which we seek to convey to those who are beginning their professional career with us”.

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BM&A seeks in professionals not only theoretical knowledge but also its understanding, the ability to work in a team, perseverance, the mastery of languages, rigor in work, imagination, common sense, strength of convictions, exemplary professional conduct, responsibility, quality, discretion, the ability to relate to other and, perhaps and is a synthesis of all of this and of other qualities, the passion to practice Law, whatever the branch or specialty in which one works.
The personalized accompaniment of the partners of the Firm and the integrated and participative work from the outset of the new professional with other members of the team is the best training and career plan that can be offered for professional development and that is just the system applied by BM&A.
It is also evident that any professional need to know previously what will be his process of advancement, his expectations and the objectives that are expected of him and, even, the method of evaluation and what is the opinion of his work in the Firm. BM&A keeps this premise in mind since the outset of the relationship and the designated partners continuously interact with the professional in his development. The Firm motivates, enhances and guides new members in their individual and group professional project, their practice of the profession since the beginning as well as the permanent study and training in courses and masters degrees. Moreover it offers a fixed and variable compensation in recognition to the commitment and effort of the professional.