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Practice Areas :: Litigation


The litigation experience of BM&A is vast and recognized in the industry, being used as a reference Firm even by other firms that do not litigate. 
When litigating on behalf of the interest of Clients (as plaintiff or defendant), the search for solutions makes litigation another means through which BM&A acts, when other alternatives have no given satisfactory results or do not meet expectations.
BM&A offers assistance and legal representation, strategic consulting and multi-disciplinary support in all types of litigations and specialized forums (e.g. civil, commercial, financial, IP, criminal business, complaint and redress proceedings, administrative proceedings, precautionary measures, insolvency proceedings, labour etc…).
Moreover, we recommend, whenever possible, to pursue other options exhausting judicial and extrajudicial negotiations –before and after proceedings-, advising and actively acting in these to seek the best solution for the Client. 
The decisive and successful intervention of BM&A is common knowledge in the industry in all the above mentioned specialties, in financially relevant and publicly significant cases.