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BM&A offers its Clients a broad experience in all matters corporate (commercial, civil and related) , which covers all aspects of corporate life; creating the company, their ordinary development, capital increases and decreases (in all its variants), issuing corporate bonds, changing of corporate bylaws, variations in the administrative structure, corporate administration and management, mergers, corporate break-offs, insolvency and liquidation proceedings.

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In this environment, various partners of the Firm are Head Legal-Council, Secretary on Boards of Directors or members of their Delegate Committees offering immediate council as required during a meeting or drafting the reports regarding administrator liability. The full-scope council offered by BM&A is one of its signature characteristics. Owing to this, and in this domain, the Firm pays particular attention to the formal aspects, proceeds to complete or partial due-diligence regarding accounting, annual accounts and the Corporate Governance reports. Moreover special attention is garnered on complying with the documentary requirements as dictated by Regulators and regarding the design and compliance of the internal codes or recommendations (especially for listed companies). Thus work is done with the Client from the outset in the creation, preparation and delivery of all documentation required bylaw (Financial Statements, Commission Reports, Corporate Governance Reports, Special Reports, Internal Rules of the governing bodies and administration, Codes of Good Conduct and Good Governance code…).
An additional and important activity in this domain is the council and collaboration in the relationships between administrators (directors and executives) and shareholders as well as with the shareholders themselves. The, at times, complex relationships between these subjects require that there exists a technical and documented means to regulate these (Senior Management Contracts, Compensation Arrangements of Directors/ Executives, Shareholders Agreements, Family Protocols, Syndicate Agreements,…). All of this without omitting those situations of declared conflict in which BM&A advises and accompanies the Client to seek and obtain the most favourable position and satisfactory result in defense of their interests.
The interrelationship with the administrative department of the Firm (see Administrative and Regulatory) is a key differentiating factor for the high quality service that is offered and that is based, in addition, in the offering of services to Clients from very different regulated industries (Aeronautic, Railways, Multimedia, Editorial, Financial, Universities).