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Tax Law

Tax Law

Advising clients in fiscal matters is essential to all commercial or civil transactions or, for any other industrial or professional activity given the interests that are at stake.

BM&A has specialists in Finance and Tax law which will provide their technical knowledge and experience necessary to offer the most efficient Client tax structure as part of tax strategy in its transactions and the ordinary development of its activities, both at a national and international level. The vast and ever changing tax regulation requires a significant proficiency in law and economics and a permanent effort to keep abreast of changes. The goal is to provide Clients with a bespoke solution for which the professional at the Firm are specialized in different professions and different business sectors.

The work of the Firm in tax law encompasses, in addition to recurring tax advice to companies and individuals, the fiscal audit or review process, corporate restructuring transactions, advising projects in fiscal matters as well as operations of foreign investment in Spain as well as Spanish investment abroad.

Moreover, BM&A advises and accompanies Clients in the information and procedural requirements tied to Tax Agency inspections in administrative-economic claims and, as council, in those proceedings before the Administrative Tribunals when required.