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Civil and Commercial

Civil and Commercial
The economic relationships of companies and individuals necessarily require of documents which reflect the agreements reached to by the parties.
BM&A has the experienced professional who can carry out the whole contractual process that a Client may require,  be it for individuals or corporations, both at a national as well as international level.
The continued evolution, complexity, legal diversity and internationalization of business transactions requires technical and professional assistance; not only in the contractual phase when drafting the contractual documents (preparatory, draft and final versions), but also in those other phases which consist in structuring the future transaction (in which there are many factors, not only legal, to take into account) in the best possible economic-legal form possible which offers the most satisfaction possible to the Client as well as in the negotiation and discussion phases with the counterpart including the execution, follow-up or development of the Agreements which have been reached.
The Firm also advises in family and inheritance law.