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Insolvency and Restructuring

Insolvency and Restructuring

Companies and, where applicable, individuals require specific and general solutions when they find themselves in insolvency and/or liquidity constraints. The necessary restructuring operations, be it without going through insolvency proceedings or using this as a last resort, becomes fundamental to finding a convenient solution for all those involved in the issue.

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BM&A offers all of the legal means necessary, also in defense of the creditor, to face said situations, with full scope and coordinated council in all of the various specialties that effect the life of a corporation or a person. The dual legal and economic background of its professionals is a recognized differentiating factor in the industry.
By its experience in other areas and disciplines, BM&A is perfectly prepared to deal with all manner of contractual and corporate transactions in pre-insolvency or insolvency financing, asset and liability restructuring and negotiating with creditors (especially financial and public entities).
It is worth noting, as a consequence of its experience in litigation, the quality of the service that BM&A may offer in judicial incidental proceedings of all types in defense of, or to claim rights or interests of, Clients in insolvency proceedings as regards reinstatement actions or of contractual termination which are specifically regulated in the Ley Concursal (Spanish Insolvency Law). The council offered is full-scope and even includes those related to the Insolvency Administrator, the administrators of the Insolvent company faced with possible liability claims and the preparation, drafting and negotiating of settlements with creditors and the liquidation of the company, if applicable.