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With the area of disputes, arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution system. The Firm has a long and recognized tradition in these types of disputes. 

Thus, BM&A offers, if necessary –both in the pre-arbitral phase as well as during the arbitral proceeding- the assistance, legal defense and strategy, with the support of a multidisciplinary team of professionals of the Firm as may be required during the proceeding.

Moreover, apart from the direct intervention in multiple arbitrations both nationally and internationally (ICC, CEA, TAB, CCMA, CPA, UNCITRAL…), the member of BM&A have been selected on numerous occasions as arbitrators or designated as such by arbitral institutions, which has assisted in developing a recognized proficiency in this specialty.

Following successful litigation in arbitral proceedings of significant economic importance and broad legal consequences, the Firm is considered an indisputable reference in this specific area of law.