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Special properties and other expertise's

Special properties and other expertise's
BM&A also has extensive experience in all matters related to special properties (intellectual property and industrial property) , trademark and patent rights, database protection, communication, new technologies, environmental law, consumer rights… which are expertise’s that, in one form or other, affect in the development and day-to-day activities both of companies and individuals 
These special and specific rights, which are a byproduct of the ever-changing and continuing advances in science and technology must be broached from a global perspective taking into account all of the relationships that interact with them from a global perspective; from the general counsel regarding Intellectual and Industrial Property, to the specific drafting of all manner of contracts (assignments and licenses) regarding the rights of these properties.
All of this, without disregarding the very important aspect of preparatory dispute stages or disputes (civil, commercial or administrative) when there is an infringement or an alleged infringement of said rights including those pertaining to honour, intimacy and ones image and other special rights.